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China Hot selling GT2 16 Teeth 16T Idler Pulley Wheel Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley With 5mm Or 6mm Bore For 3D Printer Parts 6mm Timing Belt idler pulley

Applicable Industries: Producing Plant, Machinery Mend Outlets, Residence Use, Retail, Printing Outlets, Other, 3D Printer, Timing Belt, Timing Belt Pulley, Synchronous Wheel, GT2
Material: Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy
Item name: Timing Belt Pulley
Product: GT2
Tooth Amount: sixteen Enamel
Belt Width: 6mm
Bore size: 5mm or 6mm
Software: 3D Printer Components
Manufacturer: Gumi
Support: OEM Personalized Solutions
Packing: Industrial Packing
Packaging Specifics: Industrial Package Or As client’s Request

GT2 16T Timing Belt Pulley With 5mm/6mm Bore For 6mm Timing Belt Products Description

Products TitleTiming Belt Pulley
Enamel number16 Tooth
Internal bore5mm / 6mm
MaterialsAluminum alloy
Implement to belt width6mm
Bundle articles1pcs pulley
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Types of pulleys and their advantages and disadvantages

There are several types of pulleys. Learn the basic equations of the pulley system. Then learn about the different uses for pulleys. The disadvantages of using pulleys will be covered. Knowing these, you can buy the pulley that suits your needs. Here are some of the best pulley types and their pros and cons.

Basic equations of pulley systems

A pulley system is a mechanism that allows two blocks of a certain mass to be connected by a taut rope. The acceleration of each block is the same in magnitude and direction. The external force acting on each block is the weight of the block (10g) and the tension in the string. The tension between the two blocks is the total tension and the force acting on the pulley is the weight of the two blocks.
This simple mechanism uses two simple equations to explain how the system works. First, the mass of the weight on both sides of the pulley must be the same. When the weight is forced to move, the rope tightens and the second pulley descends. The weight is also attached to the second pulley and must be the same distance as the first pulley. This will result in a speed ratio of 2 times the distance covered by the first pulley.
Second, we have to calculate the force required to lift the object. The lower mass is supported by a wire configuration passing through all pulleys, while the uppermost pulley is used to apply the force. The lower block is used to support the weight. The applied force needs to travel a distance nx to move the weight. This distance, called MA, can be written as:
Once we have gathered the necessary information, we can apply the calculations to the pulley system. We can also use the Mechanical Advantage Calculator to calculate the force on the anchor. To do this, we must apply a force to the load as well as to the pulley itself. Using this equation, we can calculate the force required by the load to lift the load.

Types of pulleys

There are three basic types of pulleys: movable, fixed and compound. Both types of pulleys translate the force applied to them. The ideal mechanical advantage of pulleys is two. This is because a single movable pulley only doubles the force, whereas a compound pulley doubles or triples the force. This type of pulley is often used with other types of pulleys.
Movable pulls move with the weight of the load, and the force pulling them increases on the lift side. They are often found in utility elevators and construction cranes. These systems are very simple, inexpensive and quiet to use. The force required to lift the object depends on the mechanical advantage of the system. The two most common types of pulleys are listed below. Let’s take a closer look at each one.
V-shaped pulleys are used in vehicles and electric motors. These pulleys require a “V” belt to function properly. Some have multiple “V” grooves to avoid slipping. They are used in heavy duty applications to reduce the risk of power slip. These pulleys also have more than one “V” groove. V-belt pulleys are commonly used in vehicles and electric motors.
Composite pulleys are made from more than one type of cable or rope wrapped around the wheel. They can be fixed or hinged and are usually made of stainless steel or bronze. Composite pulleys have multiple layers and can be a single unit or many different components. There are three main types of pulleys: fixed pulleys and composite pulleys. These are the most common types. Almost every type of pulley is used for some type of application.
Fixed pulleys have one advantage over movable pulleys: they change direction as the weight of the load increases. They are typically used in heavy construction equipment. Gun tackles, patio tackles, and stationary tackles are examples of equipment that use a pulley mechanism. These devices are very common and can be found on most modern construction sites. They provide great convenience for lifting large loads.


What are the applications of pulleys? Simply put, a pulley is a mechanical device that transforms a difficult task into an easier one. It consists of ropes and pulleys. It is usually used to lift objects. Usually, people wrap a rope around a pulley and pull up to lift the object. One disadvantage of using pulleys is that they require the same force as lifting the object directly.
One of the most popular applications of pulleys is lifting heavy objects. They help people pull up heavy objects and blocks. The system can also be used in seeders, lifts, grinders, etc. Other applications include raising flags, loading cargo, pulling curtains and rock or mountain climbing. Students can learn about the various uses of pulleys and the physics behind them.
Pulleys can be made of many different materials, depending on the application. Some are movable, which means they move with the object they are used to lift. This pulley system can be made of nylon, wire rope or fiber material. The best part about these systems is that they are easy to install and maintain. For a better grasp, use the guide or video tutorial to learn more about the pulley system and how it works.
Tapered pulleys are common in paper mills. They are high-quality pulleys that transmit power to connected parts. They can be dynamic or static and have different balances. Because pulley systems are highly customized, most industrial applications require systems designed specifically for specific applications. In this way, the system is safe, simple and inexpensive. The benefits of this design are endless.
The most common use of pulleys is for motor drives. They are used to minimize noise by applying force to the shaft to reduce the workload. They are also less expensive than gears and do not require lubrication. Furthermore, they can change the direction of the applied force. They are also less expensive than gears and are often used with other components. A screw is a cylindrical member with helical ribs used to connect something.


Although the pulley system makes it easier to move heavy objects, it still has some drawbacks. When using a pulley system, you must remember that the force required to lift the weight increases with the number of cycles. In addition, the distance between the puller and the heavy object increases, which may lead to accidents. Also, moving heavy objects can be tricky if the rope slips. Pulley systems are not very expensive and can be easily assembled. However, it does require a lot of space.
First, it is not efficient. Besides being inefficient, pulleys produce different forces at different speeds. Fixed pulleys use more force than the load, while movable pulleys move with the load. A movable pulley requires less force than a fixed pulley, but the combined system travels a long distance. Therefore, this method is not as efficient as the fixed method.
Pulleys are not only used in industrial processes. You can see them in various places in your daily life. For example, large construction cranes use pulleys to lift heavy loads. Even flagpoles, blinds, clotheslines, ziplines, motors and climbing equipment use pulleys. Still, despite their advantages, the disadvantages are not too serious.
Another disadvantage of the pulley is its wear and tear. While a pulley’s housing is theoretically infinite, its bearings and locking components typically wear out over time. To overcome this problem, a new bearing and locking assembly can be installed. No need to replace the housing and shaft, the entire assembly can be re-bonded and painted to replicate the original look. Alternatively, the pulley can be replaced with a new housing and shaft.
Using pulleys can also reduce the advantage of pulleys. On the other hand, interception and tackle is a system in which two pulleys are connected to each other using ropes. Unlike pulleys, pulley pulley systems can be adjusted in the direction of travel and can move heavy loads up to four times their force when used in hydraulic lifts.

China Hot selling GT2 16 Teeth 16T Idler Pulley Wheel Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley With 5mm Or 6mm Bore For 3D Printer Parts 6mm Timing Belt     idler pulley	China Hot selling GT2 16 Teeth 16T Idler Pulley Wheel Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley With 5mm Or 6mm Bore For 3D Printer Parts 6mm Timing Belt     idler pulley
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China Aluminum 16teeth Gt2 Timing Pulley Bore 5mm for Gt2 Open Belt Width 6mm Reprap Prusa Mendel 3D Printer with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

CZPT CZPT ry provides a wide range of large good quality Timing Belt Pulleys and Toothed Bars/ Timing Bars.  Normal and CZPT -common pulleys in accordance to drawings are CZPT .

Sorts of substance:
  1. AlCuMgPb 6061 6082 CZPT Timing Pulley
  2. C45E 1045 S45C Carbon Steel Timing Pulley
  3. GG25 HT250 Solid Iron Timing Pulley
  4. SUS303 SUS304 AISI431 CZPT Metal Timing Pulley
  5. Other content on need,  such as cooper,  bronze and plastic
Sorts of surface therapy
 1.  Anodized surface -Aluminum Pulleys
 2.  Hard anodized area — Aluminum Pulleys
 3.  Black Oxidized area — Steel Pulleys
 4. Zinc plated surface — Steel Pulleys
 5. Chromate area — Steel Pulleys Solid Iron Pulleys
 6. Nickel plated surface –Metal Pulleys  Solid Iron Pulleys
Sorts of tooth profile

Enamel Profile Pitch
HTD 3M,5M,8M,14M,20M
AT AT5,AT10,AT20
T T2.5,T5,T10
MXL .08″(2.032MM)
XL one/5″(5.08MM)
L 3/8″(9.525MM)
H 1/2″(twelve.7MM)
XH seven/8″(22.225MM)
XXH 1 1/4″(31.75MM)

Sorts of pitches and dimensions

Imperial Inch Timing Belt Pulley,
one.     Pilot Bore MXL571 for 6.35mm timing belt tooth quantity from 16 to 72
2.  Pilot Bore XL037 for 9.53mm timing belt teeth number from ten to seventy two
three.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L050 for twelve.7mm timing belt enamel quantity from 10 to a hundred and twenty
4.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L075 for 19.05mm timing belt tooth amount from ten to one hundred twenty
five.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L100 for 25.4mm timing belt enamel quantity from 10 to one hundred twenty
six.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H075 for 19.05mm timing belt tooth amount from fourteen to 50
seven.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H100 for twenty five.4mm timing belt enamel amount from 14 to 156
8.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H150 for 38.1mm timing belt enamel quantity from 14 to 156
9.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H200 for fifty.8mm timing belt enamel amount from fourteen to 156
10.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H300 for seventy six.2mm timing belt enamel quantity from fourteen to 156
11.  Taper Bore XH200 for fifty.8mm timing belt enamel variety from eighteen to a hundred and twenty
12.  Taper Bore XH300 for seventy six.2mm timing belt teeth variety from eighteen to one hundred twenty
thirteen.  Taper Bore XH400 for one hundred and one.6mm timing belt tooth variety from eighteen to a hundred and twenty

Metric Timing Belt Pulley T and AT
one.  Pilot Bore T2.5-16 for 6mm timing belt enamel amount from 12 to 60 
two.   Pilot Bore T5-21 for 10mm timing belt teeth quantity from ten to 60 
3.   Pilot Bore T5-27 for 16mm timing belt teeth number from ten to 60 
four.   Pilot Bore T5-36 for 25mm timing belt tooth quantity from ten to 60 
five.   Pilot Bore T10-31 for 16mm timing belt enamel quantity from twelve to 60 
6.   Pilot Bore T10-40 for 25mm timing belt enamel number from twelve to 60 
seven.   Pilot Bore T10-47 for 32mm timing belt enamel variety from eighteen to 60 
8.   Pilot Bore T10-66 for 50mm timing belt tooth quantity from eighteen to sixty
9.  Pilot Bore AT5-21 for 10mm timing belt teeth amount from 12 to 60
10. Pilot Bore AT5-27 for 16mm timing belt tooth number from 12 to 60
eleven. Pilot Bore AT5-36 for 25mm timing belt tooth variety from 12 to 60 
12. Pilot Bore AT10-31 for 16mm timing belt teeth quantity from 15 to 60 
thirteen. Pilot Bore AT10-40 for 25mm timing belt enamel number from fifteen to 60 
fourteen. Pilot Bore AT10-47 for 32mm timing belt enamel amount from 18 to 60 
fifteen. Pilot Bore AT10-66 for 50mm timing belt teeth quantity from eighteen to sixty
Metric Timing Belt Pulley HTD3M, 5M, 8M, 14M 
1.  HTD3M-06 3M-09 3M-fifteen tooth quantity from ten to 72 
two.  HTD5M-09 5M-fifteen 5M-25 enamel quantity from 12 to 72 
three.  HTD8M-twenty 8M-thirty 8M-50 8M-85 tooth variety from 22 to 192 
four.  HTD14M-forty 14M-55 14M-eighty five 14M-one hundred fifteen 14M-a hundred and seventy enamel amount from 28-216 
5.  Taper Bore HTD5M-15 8M-20 8M-thirty 8M-fifty 8M-eighty five 14M-forty 14M-55 14M-eighty five
         14M-115 14M-170

Metric Timing Belt Pulleys for CZPT Chain GT2 Belts 
1.      PCGT8M-twelve PCGT8M-21 PCGT8M-36 PCGT8M-62 
two.      PCGT14M-twenty PCGT14M-37  PCGT14M-68 PCGT14M-90 PCGT14M-one hundred twenty five

Power Grip CZPT Tooth/ PGGT 2GT, 3GT and 5GT 
1. 2GT-06, 2GT-09 for timing belt width 6mm and 9mm 
2. 3GT-09, 3GT-15 for timing belt width 9mm and 15mm 
three. 5GT-fifteen, 5GT-25 for timing belt width 15mm and 25mm

OMEGA RPP HTD Timing Pulleys 
1.   RPP3M-06 3M-09 3M-15 teeth quantity from 10 to 72 
2.   RPP5M-09 5M-fifteen 5M-25 teeth variety from twelve to 72 
3.   RPP8M-twenty 8M-thirty 8M-fifty 8M-85 enamel quantity from 22 to 192 
four.   RPP14M-40 14M-55 14M-eighty five 14M-a hundred and fifteen 14M-a hundred and seventy enamel amount from 28-216 
5.  Taper Bore RPP5M-15 8M-twenty 8M-30 8M-fifty 8M-85 14M-forty 14M-55 14M-85
     14M-a hundred and fifteen 14M-one hundred seventy

Steel Break up Sprockets: These sprockets are split in 50 % for less complicated installation into the chain system with out eliminating the axle. The operator can area every single 50 percent into the chain prior to bolting the halves collectively. This only allows the sprocket to be changed without having dismantling the complete assembly and keeps the operator from obtaining to loosen or reposition the chain.
China Aluminum 16teeth Gt2 Timing Pulley Bore 5mm for Gt2 Open Belt Width 6mm Reprap Prusa Mendel 3D Printer with ce certificate top quality Good price

China 3D Printer Spare Parts 2gt Gt2 16t 20t 16 20 Teeth Timing Pulley with 6mm Belt Width with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Item Description

Timing Pulley/Pulley Bar Enamel Profile
ISO5294 Pilot Bore Timing Pulleys MXL, XL, L, H
ISO5294 Taper Bore Timing Pulleys L, H, XH
DIN7721 Pilot Bore Timing Pulleys T2.5, T5, T10
Pilot Bore Timing Pulleys AT5, AT10
HTD Pilot Bore Timing Pulleys 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
HTD Taper Bore Timing Pulleys 5M, 8M, 14M
HTD Timing Pulley Bars 3M, 5M, 8M
ISO5294 Timing Pulley Bars MXL, XL, L
DIN7721 Timing Pulley Bars T2.5, T5, T10, AT5, AT10
STPD/STS Timing Pulleys S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M
RPP/HPPD Timing Pulleys RPP2M, RPP3M, RPP5M, RPP8M, RPP14M
Poly Chain PCGT Timing Pulleys PCGT8M, PCGT14M
Other kinds of Timing Pulleys 3MR, 5MR and many others.

one.Material: Steel C45, CZPT , Brass, Cat Iron, Nylon, POM etc.
2.Ending: Black Oxide, Phosphating, Anodizing, Nickel-plated, Zinc-plated etc.
3.Tooth profile: H, XH, XXH L, XL, MXL T2.5, T5, T10, T20HTD / STD 3M, 5M, 8M,14M AT5, AT10, AT20 3MR, 5MR S5M, S8M RPP5, RPP8 and so on.       
four.Bore: Pilot bore, Taper bore.
5.Gear: Hobbing equipment, Drilling equipment, CZPT center, CNC machine, Milling equipment, Gear shaper, Grinder etc.
6.Tolerance: As for every CZPT er’s prerequisite.
seven.OEM and ODM orders are also welcome.

Comprehensive Pictures

Our Major Item

Timing belt pulleys, timing pulley bars, timing belt clamping plates.

Shaft locking gadgets (assemblies) and shrink discs: CZPT different for Ringfeder, Sati, Chiaravalli, BEA, KBK, Tollok, and so on.

V belt pulleys and taper lock bush.

Sprockets, loafer, and plate wheels.

Gear wheels and racks.

Shaft couplings: miniature coupling, curved tooth coupling, chain coupling, HRC coupling, normex coupling, FCL coupling, GE coupling, rigid and CZPT , jaw coupling, disc coupling, multi-beam coupling, CZPT joint, torque limiter, shaft collars.

Forging, Casting, Stamping Parts.
Other customized power transmission products and Machining Parts (OEM).


Conveyor: Belt conveyor.AFC conveyor.Chain conveyor.Screw conveyor.
Pump: H2o pump, oil pump, slush pump,and so on
Supporter: Draft fan,fanner, boiler enthusiast,and so on
Excavator: Bucket CZPT . Bucket wheel CZPT s.Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer.
Crane: Tower crane.Gantry crane.Bridge crane.
Other individuals: Various elevators.Coal plough.Ball mill.Crusher.Recreation machine.Blender equipment.Centrifuger.Washer.Leather-generating machine.equipment for recreation park.mixer wire drawing machine.Extruder,dregs crusher of boiler. Plastic feeder.Rubber smelling device.and many others.

Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemical substances, development, building resources, electric powered CZPT , telecommunications, textiles, and transportation departments.


Packaging & CZPT

Bundle Standard appropriate package deal / Pallet or container.
Polybag within export carton exterior, blister and Tape and reel package deal CZPT .
If CZPT ers have certain demands for the packaging, we will gladly accommodate.
Shipping and delivery ten-20working days ofter payment receipt comfirmed (based on true quantity).
Packing common export packing or according to CZPT ers desire.
Skilled goods shipping forward.

Organization Profile

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd. specializes in production CZPT CZPT Transmission Merchandise.We CZPT is the division/department of SCMC CZPT , which is a wholly point out-owned company, recognized in 1980.
About CZPT :
-3 producing factories, we have 5 technical employees, CZPT FTY have powerful ability for style and approach layout, and more than 70 personnel and double change eveyday.
-Massive top quality of CZPT content buy and inventory in warhouse which make certain the lower expense for the content and creation in time.
-Strick good quality manage are apply in the total generation. 
we have incoming inspection,process inspection and last production inspection which can make sure the ideal of the merchandise quality.
-14 several years of machining encounter. Extended time cooperate with the CZPT Buyer, make us simple to recognize the csutomer and handle the export. CZPT ‘s products are mainly exported to Europe, CZPT ica and the Middle CZPT industry. With the top-rating management, professional complex support and ample export expertise, CZPT has proven long lasting and stable business partnership with a lot of planet CZPT businesses and has received great reputation from CZPT CZPT ers in intercontinental sales.

Steel Break up Sprockets: These sprockets are split in 50 % for simpler installation into the chain method without getting rid of the axle. The operator can place each and every fifty percent into the chain just before bolting the halves with each other. This only makes it possible for the sprocket to be changed without dismantling the entire assembly and retains the operator from obtaining to loosen or reposition the chain.
China 3D Printer Spare Parts 2gt Gt2 16t 20t 16 20 Teeth Timing Pulley with 6mm Belt Width with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Hot Selling 3D Printer Parts 2gt S5m T5 Timing Belt Pulley for New Energy Industry with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Hot marketing 3D Printer Elements 2GT S5M T5 Timing Belt Pulley For New CZPT Sector

Solution Description


Describtion Common timing pulley(Personalized)
Material  AL6061/Steel/ SUS304
Machining Process Equipment Hobbing, Equipment Milling, Equipment Shaping, Gear Broaching,Equipment Shaving, Equipment Grinding and Gear Lapping
Warmth Treatm Quenching & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching, CZPT -frequency Hardening, Carbonitriding.
Complete No cuting oil,metallic chip & scratch are authorized on surface area
Enamel Profile MXL,XL,L,T5,T10,T20,AT5,AT10,AT20,2M,3M,5M,8M,2GT,3GT,5GT and so on.
Samples Offer you for free 


  1. Higher temperature resistance.Self lubrication.Wear resistance.Flame retardant properties.

Simple Information:

Specification Regular or CZPT made
Substance Stainless steel,,brass, carbon metal, aluminum, and so on.
Surface Treatment method Zn-plating, Ni-plating, Cr-plating, Tin-plating, Copper-plating, the wreath oxygen resin spraying, black oxide coating, portray, powdering, shade zinc-plated,blue black zinc-plated, silver plating,anodizing and so forth.
Main Merchandise Precision spur gear, Timing pulley, Bevel pulley, Worm& CZPT , Timing Belt..
Producing Tools CNC device , computerized lathe device,stamping machine,CNC milling machine,rolling machine, lasering, tag grinding device and so forth.
Administration Program ISO9001 – 2008
Testing Equipment Projecting apparatus, Salt Spray Take a look at, Durometer, and Coating thickness tester , Second projector
Guide time ten-15 doing work days as typical, 30days in busy year, it will dependent on the detailed purchase quantity.
Shipping of Samples By DHL, Fedex, UPS,  TNT, EMS
Purposes Toy, Automotive, instrument, electrical products, household appliances, household furniture, mechanical equipment,daily residing gear, digital athletics equipment, , sanitation equipment, market/ lodge gear provides, and many others.

Creation process: Molding Slicing, Equipment Hobbing, Equipment Milling, Gear Shaping, Equipment Broaching,Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding and Gear Lapping.

Pulley Relevant image: 


Firm Profile

HangZhou CZPT Gear CZPT ry Co.,LTD set up in 2009, is a expert manufacture engaged in development, production, income and service of timing pulley, exact spur gears, CZPT cal gears, bevel equipment, worm& CZPT and so on. We positioned in HangZhou with practical transposition excite. CZPT Equipment CZPT ry committed to stringent quality control and thoughtful CZPT er support. Our seasoned staffs are usually CZPT to discuss your requirements, and fulfill your satisfaction.

Packaging & CZPT

Packaging Details: regular exporting bundle

Delivery Element: 30days soon after gained the prepayment


Major Markets North CZPT ica, South CZPT ica, CZPT ern CZPT pe , CZPT CZPT pe , North CZPT pe, South CZPT pe, Asia
How to purchase * You ship us drawing or sample
* We carry through task assessment
* We give you CZPT design and style for your confirmation
* We make the sample and send it to you right after you confirmed CZPT style
* You confirm the sample then place an purchase and pay us 30% deposit
* We start off creating
* When the products is accomplished, you spend us the equilibrium right after you verified pictures or tracking numbers.
* CZPT is carried out, thank you!

Roller sprockets are commonly utilised in industrial and professional apps to transmit force to the chain by meshing with rollers on the chain, the teeth of which mate with the interior plates of the chain. A wide range of programs gain from these, which includes conveyor belts, huge industrial drives, robotics, electrical assembly, and far more.
China Hot Selling 3D Printer Parts 2gt S5m T5 Timing Belt Pulley for New Energy Industry with ce certificate top quality Good price